Superior Solar Packages

Our ‘Superior’ range of solar systems represent superior quality whilst still providing sensible pricing that allows for a quick return on investment. These premium systems are configured with the world renowned Hyundai solar panels (made in South Korea, Vietnam or China) and the Fronius range of solar inverters, classed as the best in the world and made in Austria.  The best performance and best warranty – guaranteed.

  • The Hyundai panels come with a 25 year product warranty.
  • The European made Fronius inverters have a 10-year product warranty.
  • If you like sophisticated monitoring giving you a complete overview of your energy usage, you will love this package. Quite simply, this a complete solar system that is the best of the best. 


Perc Shingled


Power Output Range


Maximum Efficiency

25 Years

Panel Warranty

10 Years

Inverter Full Replacement  Warranty

System Size:  3.5 KW

Number of Panels: 9

Inverter: 3 KW

Price:  from $4990

STCs:  43


System Size:  6.63 KW

Number of Panels: 17

Inverter: 5 KW

Price:  from $6990

STCs:  82

System Size:  10.53 KW

Number of Panels: 27

Inverter: 8.2 KW

Price: from $8990

STCs:  130

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