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Benefits of Going Solar for Your Business

Solar power makes financial sense. Clean, affordable & reliable, there has never been a better time to invest in a solar energy system if you own or even lease a commercial property.  Making use of all that empty roof space to run your own solar power plant and dramatically reduce your electricity bills… it just makes good sense.

Lower your business operating costs

Not only does a solar panel system give you greater control of your operating costs, it also provides the added benefit of providing power during business hours, when your usage is at its highest.  With a portion of power draw being supplemented by your own solar energy power plant your electricity consumption is less during the day.  This means you pay less, which can be as much as 60% less on your electricity bills. 

The amazing thing is that you don’t even have to own the building you are conducting business from to enjoy the benefits of generating solar energy on the building!

Commercial Solar
Commercial Solar

Financial Incentives are still available

Are you leasing or do you own your business premises? Whether you have a small or large warehouse, a factory or even a commercial building, choosing solar power for your business can make a big impact; not only for the environment, but on your bottom line.  It’s all about the available space on your roof.  

Of course there are government incentives available and you may also be eligible for a tax write-off when you purchase your solar system for your business, under the current ATO rules.  And there is even a way to have solar on your roof and not pay a cent for the system.

The benefits of solar energy for your commercial building

1. Solar power gives you great return on investment

2. Reduces your operating costs

3. You can control your future electricity bills

4. Increases your property value

5. Tax credits and bonus depreciation

6. Solar panels are more affordable than ever

7. Improves your business cash flow

8. Your business gains a GREEN reputation

9. Supports the local economy

10. High reliability & low maintenance

Commercial Solar Guide Coffs Solar Energy

Commercial Solar Guide

The Clean Energy Council has published a guide for business and industry that covers the key steps and information you’ll need to install solar PV at your business.

Thought you couldn't afford solar power equipment? Think again

Solar financing options & Power Purchase Agreements

Payment plans are just one of the equipment and solar finance options on offer.  Depending on your business circumstances, we can help organise Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) and Chattel Mortgages.

Find out more about the range of solar financing options today.

Commercial Clients

Australian Solar Installations have worked with a wide range of commercial clients, including:

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Australian Solar Installations is your perfect partner on commercial solar projects. Our team of in-house licensed solar electricians have a wealth of experience in successfully delivering large solar projects.  We have the skills and expertise to deliver large solar contracts to budget and on schedule. Australian Solar Installations has been the preferred contractor used by well-known construction companies in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.