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Solar for Existing Homes

Solar for Existing Homes

Residential Solar Power, Panels & Systems

It's no secret how much electricity prices have increased over the past few years and with recent news hinting that electricity costs may soon rise again, now is a great time to get solar before the price rises hit again.

Australian Solar Installations are eager to assist everyday Australians to manage soaring electricity prices through the installation of high quality residential solar power systems, providing professional service and expertise to meet your needs. With more than a million homes and businesses across Australia using rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) systems to generate clean, safe & reliable electricity there has never been a better time to go solar!

Why get solar panels for your home?

Living in Australia, with an abundance of sunlight and rising energy costs, it makes sense to harness the sun’s energy and to save your hard earned money for the more important things in life.

Installing solar power for your home is simple. We’ve provided top quality systems for thousands of happy homeowners around Gold Coast and Queensland. Just one call and you can be on your way to creating your own electricity from the sun!

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What is the process?

We’ll arrange an appointment for one of our Solar Consultants to visit your home to conduct a site inspection. A site inspection usually takes 45 minutes to 1 hour and includes, a review of last 12 months electricity bills, home inspection of roof size and angle, inspection of switchboard including main switch, discussion of inverter installation location and review property for any shading issues that could affect the solar system performance.

Your Solar Quote

We will then provide you with your detailed quote, and when accepted, the signed quotation is forwarded to the Australian Solar Installations office and once your initial deposit is paid, the actual installation process can begin.

Residential Solar Power System Install Adelaide

Solar Systems starting from $2,990

If you’re looking to reduce your home or office electricity bills through solar panel installation, we’re here to help it all make sense and to provide you with the Gold Coast's best value solar system!

Planning for your Solar System

First, Australian Solar Installations arranges the request to connect an electricity provider.  This is the approval required to install an inverter at your home/business.

Next, we arrange the installation of your import/export meter. This manages the usage and output of your Solar System. You may be contacted by your electricity retailer to confirm the installation of a solar system at your property.

We then register you for the Government rebate and transfer your STCs (Small Scale Technology Certificates) to Australian Solar Installations.

We will contact you should we require any further information to process your application.

Solar Panel Pricing

The cost of your solar panel system varies greatly depending on the amount of panels you need, what your electricity consumption is and how much roof space you have. For full details and pricing on different sized systems for your home, view our residential solar panel pricing page.

Solar System Packages

Australian Solar Installations also have a range of special offers from brands including Fronius, Sunpower & more. Visit our special offers by clicking the link below:

Installation of your Solar Panels and Inverter

Australian Solar Installations will contact you once all the paperwork has been completed to advise you of the date of your solar power system installation and connection of your import / export meter.

Your residential solar system installation is completed by Clean Energy Australia accredited and Master Electrician Installers. It usually takes no more than a day or two, depending on the number of solar panels in your package.

Your import / export meter is connected by a 3rd party...

Once final payment of your solar system installation has been made at completion of installation, you are ready to start producing your own electricity with your brand new solar panels!