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We can work together with your builder to
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Australian Solar Installations install solar systems for Queensland and New South Wales
homes, including newly built homes, extensions and renovations.

There is no doubt that a modern home is one that is highly dependent on a growing demand for electricity. With a ‘smart home’ boasting everything from internet to airconditioning to electric cars. 

With a new build your solar system needn’t be a tack on but rather a well thought out home-based solar power plant.  So plan now to make sure you’ve got your current and future needs covered.

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What You Need to Know BEFORE You Sign that Contract!

On a new home it is best to get the largest size you can afford & fit on your roof.  And of course there are some conditions to be aware of.  6.6kW of solar with a 5kW inverter is the maximum you are allowed to install on a single phase home (with export) in most parts of Australia.  This is also the best value per kW due to the way the rebate works.

You need to be aware that 6.6kW of solar panels will need about 80m² of roof space. Preferably North facing, but East and West, or a combination, can work too.

Whether your new home has a metal roof or tiles really won’t make a difference if you are going to have solar panels.  But what is important to know is whether the roof structure can take the weight of the panels.

Make sure you get a written assurance from your builder that every roof face can be filled with solar panels. If they want to charge you for this  ‘upgrade’ it should only be a few hundred dollars. 

If you want more than a 6.6KW solar system (up to 30kW) then you will need to have a 3 phase power supply installed.

Why would you want to have a 3 phase power supply installed?   This gives you the option of a much bigger solar system, reduces issues with voltage rise, and will allow you to charge a future electric car up 6 times faster!

And importantly installing 3 phase after the build is incredibly expensive.

You are going to need a meter that is solar-ready.

You’ll get a non-solar meter as standard equipment and then have to pay hundreds of dollars to replace it unless your builder makes it part of the contract!

Same goes for the switchboard.  So ask for a bigger switchboard with lots of room for extra breakers to also be in your contract.

The all electric future means that you are likely to add big appliances to your home over time. Upgrading your switchboard later is a big, expensive job!


Having the conduit installed during the house build will save you money. A good electrician  can easily and neatly put the conduit in the house for solar before the walls have gyprock added.

Also ask for the electrician to pre-wire the mains cable from the switchboard to the inverter.

Solar Mudgeeraba

When Australian Solar Installations provides a quote on an existing building we will complete a site inspection.  But what happens with new builds you may wonder?  We are able to provide you with a quote and more importantly a solar design too.  We have all the tools we need to make choosing solar for your new home an easy decision for you.

The best timing to start  installing your new solar system is usually when the walls are being pre-wired before the gyprocking happens.  So get a firm quote about 4 months before handover.

Here’s how to get a quote:

  • Provide Australian Solar Installations, with your house plans (floor plans and elevations)
  • Contact Australian Solar Installations on 1300 796 076 to arrange for a quote to be prepared – it’s that simple!