Premium Solar Packages

Our ‘Premium’ range of solar systems provide a great balance between affordability and quality! These systems are configured with the latest generation 350 Watt Risen panels and the highly-rated Sungrow range of solar inverters. Risen Energy is ranked a top Tier 1 global solar company by Bloomberg New Energy. We match these premium Tier 1 rated panels with the latest generation of Sungrow solar inverters.

  • The Risen panels come with a 15 year manufacturers warranty and a 25 year performance warranty.
  • The quality Sungrow inverters have a 10-year full replacement warranty.
solar power gold coast 2


System Size:  3.33 KW

Number of Panels: 9

Inverter: 3 KW

Price:  from $2990

STCs:  45


solar power gold coast 2


System Size:  6.66 KW

Number of Panels: 18

Inverter: 5 KW

Price:  from $4400

STCs:  91

solar power gold coast 2


System Size:  10.36 KW

Number of Panels: 28

Inverter: 8 KW

Price: from $6990

STCs:  145

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